Why choose TOPTION jacketed glass reactor?

  • TOPTION as a Chinese manufacturer of glass reactors , we have passed ISO CE certification and provide equipment with UL certification configuration. Provide precise temperature control equipment with high temperature to 300 degrees Celsius and low temperature to -80 degrees Celsius. Professional temperature control matching suggestions to achieve the maximum utilization and performance of the equipment between the glass reactor and the high & low temperature circulating bath.

  • TOPTION can provide professional customization, OEM & ODM service of lab glass reactor

    1. Explosion-proof system customization

    2. A variety of stirring paddle customization, stainless steel wrapped PTFE stirring paddle, suitable for stirring and mixing low to high viscosity liquids.

  • 3. Reactor body can be rotated, automatic lifting design.

    4. Ultrasonic function design.

    5. An independent vapor riser pipe can be used to make the material vapor enter downward from the upper part of the condenser, and the liquid after condensation will flow back from the liquid-sealed bottle at the lower part of the condenser, avoiding the secondary heating of the material caused by the traditional gas-liquid two paths, can carry out operations such as reflux, distillation, water separation, etc., the effect is better, the same as the large production process.

    6. The frame can be sprayed with Teflon, or titanium tube frame, with better anti-corrosion effect.

    7. Can be made into a three-layer glass reactor body. When it is used for ultra-low temperature reaction, the outer jacket can be kept in the air, and the effect is good and transparent and intuitive.

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