Why We Recommend Ethanol Extraction

  • There are many methods for hemp extraction . As the cbd industry is heating up, more researchers are exploring more efficient and safer extraction methods. Among the many extraction methods, the most common ones are co2 supercritical extraction and ethanol centrifugal extraction, today we mainly look at Why We Recommend Ethanol Extraction?

    Ethanol has been used in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries for more than 50 years. Compared with other processing methods, ethanol extraction can reduce capital expenditure in advance and improve extraction efficiency. This is not only because the alcohol after centrifugal extraction can be recycled, but also because convenience of using ethanol. If you have freezing room, you can use multiple 100L stainless steel tanks for ethanol pre-freezing, one for each extraction batch, and then pre-freeze the recovered alcohol. In this way, alcohol extraction  can be performed continuously.So Ethanol extraction  is the fastest batch extraction method. Of course cooling circulating chillers are optional.

    The working temperature of ethanol extraction centrifuge  can reach as low as -80℃, which is great for Hemp, and is excellent at creating full spectrum hemp extracts and tinctures. In addition to these advantages, low temperature ethanol extraction  also can prevents the volatilization of ethanol, and improves production efficiency.

    Safe operation is the most important and basic requirement of laboratory equipment, for TOPTION brand ethanol   extraction equipment, in order to meet high standard safe operation requirements, our engineers designed with below safe protection device:

    A:Open cover positioning protection to protect operators.
    B:Overheating and overload protection.
    C:Emergency stop protection.
    D: Control the ground connection protection to prevent accidents on the site due to poor operating environment.
    E:Nitrogen gas source detection and protection.
    F: Integrated explosion-proof control cabinet, optional split explosion-proof controller, explosion-proof
    electrical appliances.

    Built To The Highest Standards For Safe Ethanol Extraction, contact info@toptionlab.com  to get quality service and professional customization.

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