wiped film molecular still applications

  • Compared with traditional distillation technology, short path  wiped film molecular still  equipment has great advantages, such as short heating time for materials, low evaporation temperature, guarantee it is suitable for heat-sensitive materials, self-cleaning function of heating surface, easy to use and maintain, connected to vacuum pump for use , which can ensure high efficiency evaporation, strong adjustability, and easy operation.

  • Wiped film molecular still applications

    1. Food industryOur most common are cbd oil, fish oil, essential oil, clove oil, etc. And the short path distillation equipment is also could be used for monoglycerides, palm oil, tocopherol, rice bran oil, fatty acids and their derivatives, dienoic acid, vegetable oil, diglycerides, glutamate, cream, lactic acid, linseed oil, dimer acid,etc.


    2. PharmaceuticalAcyl chloride, amino acid ester, vitamin E, glucose derivative, terpene ester, natural or synthetic vitamin, beta-carotene, gingerol, capsicum pigment,etc.

    3. ChemistryAdvanced alcohols, glycerides, herbicides, halogenated alkanes, pesticides, silicone oils, waxes, fatty acids, etc.

    4. Plastic industryEpoxy resin, epoxidated oil, isocyanate, plasticizer, stabilizer, polyether and polyether polyol,etc.

    5. Petroleum industryBase oil, bright oil, lubricating oil, vaseline, fir oil, residual tar, etc.

    6. Cosmetic industryLanolin fatty acid, lanol, including algae, roots of plants, extract of capsicum, high fat ester, turmeric essential oil, dry ginger essential oil,etc.

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