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Project Description

Affordable home freeze dryer lyophilizer machine

  • Low cost freeze dryer factory directly sale, various types optional.

  • ISO & CE certification, 1 year warranty period.

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Affordable home freeze dryer lyophilizer machine

TOPTION this type freeze dryer simplify the tedious operation of small freeze dryers, prevent material contamination, and control material moisture sublimation. This series of models adopt LED display method, which is most suitable for customers who want to save cost, economical and practical.

ISO CE verified freeze dryer manufacturer, factory directly sale with most reasonable price, brings you reliable products and factory direct online & video technical after-sales service available. OEM, customization support, hotsale types in stock fast delivery within 3 days, guaranteed warranty 1 year, lifetime aftersale service, engineer support and product training are available.

Technical parameters of this economical and practical vacuum freeze dryer

TypesVacuum Drying Equipment, Freeze Drying Equipment
ApplicationMedicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing, Home, Commercial, Plastics processing, Pharmacy & laboratory, Fruit, Pharmacy, Home Restaurant bar food, Farm, etc.
Voltage220v /50Hz or 110v /60Hz
Core selling pointMultifunctional, Competitive Price, Easy to Operate
Warranty period1 year warranty period, and wholehearted service during freeze dryer long service life
Evaporation capacity3~4 kg/24h
Heating resourceElectric
MaterialStainless steel
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