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Project Description

bag filter

  • Multistage bag filter customize.

  • Centrifugal pump is equipped.

  • Installation & operation are simple, convenient, and occupy a small area.

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TOPTION this two stage bag filter system consists of three parts –  a centrifugal pump, a bag filter, and a precision cartridge filter. We support professional customize, lab – pilot – industry flexible, please contact to talk about your capacity request, TOPTION engineers team provide drawing design for your reference. Below pictures is our hotsale types bag filter.

Technical parameters of this two hotsale type bag filter system ( lab – pilot – industry flexible design).

ModelFiltration fluxDimensionAccuracyNumber of filter bagsNumber of filter elementsPump powerEquipment size
F503-5m3/h20inch, ID200mm50um+5um132.2KW1100*500*1150
F2207-9 m3/h20inch,ID273mm50um+5um173KW1200*550*1350

Note: F50 type filter system is suitable for TOP-C15, TOP-C30, TOP-C50 series ethanol extraction centrifuge.

F220 type filter system is suitable for TOP-C110, TOP-C160, TOP-C220 series ethanol extraction centrifuge.

Why choose bag filter to do filtration after crude oil extraction

1.Integral stainless steel platform with moving wheels.

2.Side entry structure for bag filter, bottom-in, bottom-out for cartridge filter.

3.Multi-stage filter element increases the filtering effect.

4.The quick-open design of the pipe fitting valve, the complete system design has a pressure gauge port, an exhaust valve port, a discharge valve, etc., which is convenient to operate and easy to clean.

5. Centrifugal pump is equipped.

bag filter centrafugal pump

6. TOPTION this bag filter is free of cleaning, and the replacement of the liquid filter bag or filter element can be completed in 30 seconds, which is convenient and fast, saving labor and time.

LAB – PILOT – INDUSTRY bag filter system, multistage professional customize for high efficient filtration process, welcome contact to tell us what do you need.

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