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Project Description

cbd hemp solvent recovery rotary evaporator

  • 1L~100L machine wide capacity range, chiller, vacuum pump, vacuum controller are available.

  • ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, rich parts provided.

  • Factory directly sale help you save cost, in stock fast delivery.

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cbd hemp solvent recovery rotary evaporator

Technical parameters of TOPTION this economical rotary evaporator

ModelRE501D 5LRE1001 10LRE5002 50L
Rotating flask5L ( 3L, 2L, 1L are optional)10L / F9550L / F125
Receiving flask3L5L, bottom discharge20L+10L, bottom discharge
Lifting typeHand lifting / automatic lifting optional
CertificationISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period. Through SGS, TUV, BV certification

How does the rotary evaporator work?

The above picture is a suggested diagram of how the rotary evaporator works. Generally, in order to improve the solvent recovery efficiency, customers will choose to match the vacuum pump and refrigeration chiller. For the rotary evaporator in the small laboratory, in order to save the budget, cold water can also be connected to the condenser. The picture on the right is some examples of feedback from TOPTION customers for your reference. Please note that we provide customized multi-capacity rotary evaporators from small to large capacity ( 1L~100L) , if you need, please inquiry through

Hotsale rotary evaporator 1L 2L 3L 5L 10L 20L 30L 50L 100L, matched chillers, cooling water bath, vacuum pump, vacuum controller are optional.

Customization supported include dual condensers design, explosion proof system, dual receiving flask customize, cold trap, etc. TOPTION as the manufacturer of evaporation equipment with 15 years experience, provide professional customization based on your actual requirements.

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