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Molecular Distillation Stainless Steel Distillation Equipment

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Project Description

Molecular Distillation Stainless Steel Distillation Equipment

  • Stainless steel material’s quickly heat transfer rate guarantee high efficient distillation.

  • 24h Continuously Running, automatic feeding & collecting, convenient operation & save labor cost.

  • CE certification, reliable quality manufacturing 15 years.

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Molecular Distillation Stainless Steel Distillation Equipment

  • Main evaporator, including built-in condenser, three-layer insulation design, can effectively reduce the heat loss of evaporator.
  • Agitation Motor, mechanical seal, durability, applicability, and better sealing.
  • Feeding tank, three-layer insulation design, design vacuum feeding at top, can charging the material into the feeding tank easier.
  • Gear pump feeding, continuous feeding under high vacuum condition, jacket design could efficiently prevent heat loss.
  • Controller to control the mixing motor and gear pump speed.

Note: Filter net customize – In the hemp / cbd liquid, worried about the presence of cellulose that has not been filtered clean, again filtered. Ensure good separation effect, high quality oil and equipment maintenance, multiple functions.

Technical parameters of MDS-10CE molecular distillation stainless steel distillation equipment


MDS-10CE molecular distillation

Material tank

Upgrade15L jacketed stainless steel tank

2 sight glass at top, with insulated ball valve.

Material charging

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.


Evaporation area 0.1

Film forming way: scraper (roller is optional)

Material: 316L

Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)

Film forming motor: 370W, mechanical   constantly variable transmission, 2001000rpm/min

Cold trap

1.    0.4chiller cooling cold trap

2.    3L liquid nitrogen cold trap

3.    Dual-purposechiller & liquid nitrogen cold trap dual purpose

Choose 1 in above 3 types

Heavier component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Lighter component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Material pipeline

Jacketed insulation

Shelf & assemble

304 stainless steel pipe

Molecular distillation equipment CE certification reliable quality manufacturing 15 years, strong engineers team is a group of professional and powerful chemical engineers consisted of senior experts or professional engineers in chemical synthesis, chemical engineering and process, chemical machinery, etc.  Most of them have more than 20 years of molecular distillation & purification equipment operating experience.

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Laboratory stainless steel essential oil distiller

  • “A” Series – Pressure differential feeding method.
  • “B” Series – High precision gear pump feeding mode.
  • “C” Series – High precision gear pump feeding & discharging.
  • “E” Series optional – external condenser, which could collect ultra-light components and protect vacuum pump.

Technical parameters of stainless steel essential oil distiller

ModelEvaporator Area()Internal Condenser Area ()Capacity (L/h)Mixing Motor Power  (W)Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap

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