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Project Description

centrifugal spray dryer

  • 2L 3L 5L 10L 15L wide capacity range customization, OEM support.

  • Liquid to powder making machine, PLC automatic control system, easy operation.

  • ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, lifetime service, factory directly sale with most competitive price.

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centrifugal spray dryer

TOPTION ISO CE certifited spray dryer is mainly used to make liquid material directly into micro powder, you don’t need to do material filtration, concentration and smash before drying, very convenient and make your drying process high efficient. And the spray dried powder product has a uniform particle size, more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size. This high speed centrifuge spray dryer is suitable for all solution such as emulsion, suspending liquid,etc.

Technical parameters of pharmaceutical spray dryer

Max capacityml/h500010000
Temperature range of inlet air140°C ~ 300°C
50°C ~ 300°C
Temperature range of outlet air80°C ~ 90°C30°C ~ 150°C
Spray system/Centrifugal nozzleCentrifugal nozzle
Precision of temp±1
Dryer timeS1.0 ~ 1.5
Speed of squirt pumpml/h500010000
Spray direction/Downwards co-current
Heater Power/3KW  220V
Total power/10KW 380V
Heat source/Electric
Air compressor/Built-in oil-free air compressor
Dried powder restoring rate%≥95≥98
Maximum moisture evaporationKg/h510

Main features of spray drying equipment

1.The drying speed is fast. After the material liquid is atomized, the surface area is greatly increased. In the hot air flow, 95%-98% of the water can be evaporated instantly, and the drying time is only a few seconds.
2.Suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Since the liquid droplets and the hot air flow in the cocurrent direction, although the temperature of the hot air is higher, the material will not overheat when the water evaporates.
3.Wide range of use. A large number of materials with very different physical properties are produced with this. Such as polymers and resins, dyes and pigments, ceramics and glass, rust removers and insecticides, carbohydrates, dairy products, blood and fish products, fertilizers, organic and inorganic compounds, etc.
4.The powder product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high product purity and good quality.
5.The production process is simplified and the operation & control are convenient.

Professional customization and OEM supported

1.Inlet air temperature
The temperature is increased to 350 degrees, currently the highest is customized to 350 degrees, the maximum standard temperature is 300 degrees.
2. Material replacement
Change the material to 316 stainless steel; 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L are all available; standard material is 304.
3 .Add dust collection system

Working principle of spray drying equipment

Application of centrifuge spray drying machine

Liquid to powder making machine, suitable for all solution such as emulsion, suspending liquid,etc, most suitable for heat-sensitive materials. The most popular and widely used applications are milk powder, egg powder, egg white powder, protein powder, tea powder, juice powder, instant coffee powder, etc.

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