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Project Description

cryogenic ethanol extraction equipment

  • UL certification, GMP standard, quality is our culture.

  • 15lbs – 200lbs biomass/batch lab – pilot – industry customization with greatest flexibility.

  • 98% extraction rate from biomass, 97% ethanol removal.

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15lbs – 220lbs biomass/batch customization with greatest flexibility, TOPTION brand cryogenic ethanol extraction equipment has a high degree of automation, large processing capacity, convenient operation and maintenance, and can realize remote control. Its special structure allows the working temperature to be as low as -80 degrees celsius ( low temperature circulating bath chillers are available for precision temperature control ), so as to prevent the volatilization of ethanol, and improves cbd oil production efficiency.

Technical parameters of TOPTION hotsale cryogenic ethanol extraction equipment ( lab small type – pilot – industry wide capacity range customization with greatest flexibility, 15lbs – 220lbs biomass per batch)

Centrifuge extractors modelTOP-C50TOP-C110
Certification of extractorsUL certification, GMP standard
CustomizationStorage tank for ethanol pre-cooling, chillers with wide temperature range, filter bags, insulation cloth for temperature good preservation performance
Biomass per batch50lbs110lbs
Extraction tank diameters24inch32inch
Volume of extraction tank110L251L
Standard max speed ( customization support)1500 r/min1000 r/min
Alcohol solvent201L377L
Vessel load bearing100 lbs320 lbs
Main motor power5.5 / 7.57.5 / 11

Note: lab – pilot – industry wide capacity range customization, please contact to ask factory directly sale price list.

Advantages of TOPTION low temperature ethanol extraction equipment

  1. Mechanical spring to help the operator easily open the cover.
  2. Meet different explosion-proof requirements, Integrated explosion-proof control cabinet, EX external split PLC operation screen optional.
  3. Siemens PLC control system & operation screen.
  4. Variable speed governor for stepless speed regulation of centrifuges, UL inverter optional.
  5. Level gauge, check if the amount of alcohol soak is enough at any time.
  6. Drum welds are 100% non-destructive inspection, strict dynamic balance test. No stiffeners, reducing sanitary dead angles, easy to clean, low running noise.
  7. Nitrogen protection device, using nitrogen for “inert environmental protection”.
  8. CE certified electrical appliances, UL / EN standards available.
  9. Storage tank, -80 degree Celsius  Chiller, Filter bag are available.
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