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Project Description

Crystallization filter reactor 50L

  • Lab-Pilot-Industry wide capacity range optional.

  • Ultrasonic homogenize function support customize.

  • High efficient cbd oil dewaxing filtration system, global OEM, professional customize, overseas installation / training service is available.

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Crystallization filter reactor 50L

Recrystallization is also known as fractional crystallization, is a procedure for purifying an impure compound in a solvent. This type crystallization filters is combined with our reactors perfectly. Ultrasonic probe can help to mix the material with better effect. Support professional customize.

Product name50L crystallization filter reactor
Body volume50L
Reactor cover openingsix-openings
Reactor cover opening designconstant pressure hopper opening (or as inlet), condensation reflux inlet, thermometer bushing opening, mixing opening and spare opening.
Reactor body discharged materialYes
Motor reducer1:3
Actual mixing speed0 ~ 600 turns / min
Power supply voltage220V 60Hz

Your benefits of TOPTION crystallization filter reactor, high efficient wax removing method used in cbd oil distillation process

Lab – pilot – industry wide capacity range professional customize, ultrasonic homogenize function is available, welcome contact communicate more with TOPTION engineers.

TOPTION technical support, global OEM, overseas installation / training service, welcome factory visit.

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