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Project Description

Dewaxing filter high throughput wax removal

  • 50L stainless steel dewaxing filter with quick opening flange.

  • High throughout wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions.

  • Easy install and disassemble, convenient to cleaning.

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Dewaxing filter high throughput wax removal

TOPTION filtration equipment enables high throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions, which is professional designed for our particular customers who are work in plant oil extraction industry.

50L SS304 filter with quick opening flange is applied for Dewaxing – to remove waxes from your cbd oil.

Technical parameters of 50L high throughout dewaxing filter

ParameterSS304 filter with quick opening flange
Dimensions53 x 53 x 112cm
PortabilityOn adjustable height casters
Weight≈ 34kg
Required VacuumUltimate Vacuum: 29.998″HG, 5×10-2 torr
Vacuum FittingsKF-25 Connection.
Reservoir Volume150L
Operating Temperature (°C)up to 80℃
Collection Volume15L

Main features of this stainless steel type dewaxing filtration equipment

TOPTION as plant oil extraction one stop solution provider, has more than 15 years manufacturing experience, support technical support and professional customize of dewaxing filteration equipment, jacketed reactor crystallization filter, molecular distillation equipment, rotary evaporator, etc.

Welcome visit our factory, technical support, professional customize, global OEM, etc, contact now.

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