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Project Description

Distiller for essential oil

  • Jacketed stainless steel material feeding tank, durable and corrosive-resistant.

  • Gear pump material feeding type, continuously and stable.

  • CE certification of molecular distiller, vacuum pump, heater & chiller, reliable quality whole set, help you save time & cost.

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MDS-6B Distiller for essential oil

Compared with glass short path distillation set, most customers prefer to choose stainless steel material type molecular distillation equipment, not only as stainless steel material’ durable and corrosive-resistant excellent performance, also as it’s 1.4 times higher extraction efficient, save cost & time.

Molecular distillation equipment is considered as the safest mode to extract rose essence oil, clove oil, ginger oil, angelica oil, orange peel oil,  artemisia argyi oil, folium isatidis oil, fennel oil, and remove the reagent residue of the nourishing oil.

Technical parameters of distiller for essential oil

Molecular distillation equipment

MDS-6A distiller for essential oil

Material tank

1L jacketed glass tank

Material charging

Differential pressure PTFE valve.

Feed rate 0.5L3L/H


Evaporation area 0.06

Film forming wayscraper (roller is optional)


Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)

Film forming motor200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Cold trap

1. 0.2chiller cooling cold trap

2. 1L liquid nitrogen cold trap

3. Dual-purposechiller & liquid nitrogen cold trap dual purpose.

Choose 1 in above 3 types

Heavier component discharge

29# Grinding  mouth adapter

5L glass bottle 1pcs, bottle holder 1pcs

Lifting table 1pcs

Lighter component discharge

29# Grinding mouth adapter

5L glass bottle 1pcs, bottle holder 1pcs

Lifting table 1 pcs

Material pipeline

Jacketed insulation

Shelf & assemble

304 stainless steel pipe

1. Wide choices of sizeds applicable to lab, pilot and industrial production.

2. Fully jacketed design can make full insulation of whole system with circulating hot oil for precise control of insulation temperature.

3. Fully automatic operation by feeding and collection pumps make continuous and high efficient working process.

4. Turnkey solution provided ( include main ditiller, support thermostatic equipment and vacuum pumps) for one stop solution of cannabis oil distillation.

5. Shortest lead time and inventory available, quality manufacture 15 years, strong technical support on-line & on-site.

6. CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality to be your TOP OPTION in cbd oil business.

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Molecular distillation equipment showed in below picture is MDS-10C distillation unit and MDS-10C 2 stages molecular distillation equipment.

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