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Face masks

  • KN95 face mask with CE certification, N95 face mask with USA NIOSH certification.

  • Stock available for fast & safe delivery within 24 hours.

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KN95 face mask

KN95 Face Mask with CE certification reliable quality guarantee, 4 Layers Protection, Effective Antibacterial, Filtration rate≥95% .

  • Non-woven – Thick waterproof fiber, Isolate large particles.
  • Hot air cotton – Thick waterproof fiber, Isolate large particles.
  • Meltblown cloth – High-efficiency electrostatic adsorption filtering bacteria.
  • Non-woven – Hygroscopic & Breathable, Reduce bacterial infiltration.

N95 face mask

USA NIOSH N95 certification, filtration efficiency ≥95%, Effective Respiratory Protection, Keep away from certain pathogenic microorganism particles.

  • 1 ply SPP nonwoven  – Antibacterial, filtration of particles less than 1mm.
  • 1 ply meltblown nonwoven – NM grade material, mechanically block dust particles, high-efficiency electrostatic adsorption filtering bacteria.
  • 1ply SPP nonwoven – Antibacterial,Hygroscopic & Breathable, Reduce bacterial infiltration.

Three-Dimensional Shape, Reasonable reserve of nasal space, better support, better fit to the contours of the face, more comfortable breathing space, and ensure smoother breathing.

Nose Clip Design, Avoid fogging of glasses.

Disposable face mask

CE certification, three-layer thicken non-woven mask, Filter Level Protection, Free breathing with low resistance, Low Expiratory Resistance, Efficient Filtration.

  • 3D Stereo Tailoring Design.
  • All-round fit to facial contours.
  • No bondage feeling, effective dust isolation.
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