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Project Description

Food freeze dryer

  • Home freeze dryers, small size, easy operation, fast drying, low cost.

  • Hotsale in stock fast delivery within 3 days.

  • ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period.

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Food freeze dryer

TOTPION TP series small freeze dryer simplifies the tedious operation of the small freeze dryer, prevents material contamination, and accelerates the sublimation of material moisture. This series of models has programmable heating and temperature control functions, and can view the freeze-drying curve, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials.

Technical parameters of TOPTION vaccum freeze dryer for home use

Model of freeze dryerTP-1
Condensing temperature≤–40 celsius degree
Ultimate vacuum10Pa (no load)
Freeze-dried area0.1 m2
Water catching capacity3kg/24h
Sample plate size145mm×275mm
Power requirements220V 50Hz
Work rate750w
Host size400mm×550mm×700mm (excluding door panel and handle)
Electronic control systemReal-time display of the freeze-drying curve and temperature curve of the clapboard. Intelligent temperature control.
DefrostOne-button defrost function

Application of this small commercial freeze dryers

1. Food industry
2. Nutrition & health care
3. Scented tea
4. Herbal medicine
5. Pet food

The working process of vacuum freeze dryer

1. Wash & clean up food, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, noodles, etc.
2. Slice or block.
3. Place the food on the material tray & put it in the freeze-drying room.
4. Set up freeze-drying process, set up intelligent control operation.
5. Wait for program be finished, take out food & sealed packaging, for long time storage.

The effect of freeze-drying

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