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Project Description

Fully customizable glass reactor

  • 1L~250L wide capacity customize, matched with chiller, heater, vacuum pump.

  • ISO & CE certification, 1 year warranty period.

  • Fully customizable, explosion proof, reaction tank rotating / lifting function, filtration, ultrasonic function, etc.

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Fully customizable glass reactor

Glass reactor can do various experiments under the conditions of constant speed, constant force and constant temperature, such as concentration, distillation, reflux, separation, purification reaction, etc. TOPTION chemistry lab reactor is widely used in the cbd industry, chemical industry, biological pharmacy, scientific research experiment, etc. Matched heating and cooling circulation bath ( heaters & chillers ), vacuum pump, vacuum controller are available, one stop purchase help you save time and cost.

TOPTION Instrument research, development, production, sale and service for more than 15 years of chemistry glass reaction equipment, through ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, lifetime wholehearted service, professional customization (include explosion proof system, PLC control system, multi stages types, reaction tank rotating & lifting function, filtration function, ultrasonic homogenizer function, etc) , technical support, standard types glass reactor in stock fast delivery, factory directly sale with most competitive price.

Working principle of chemistry glass reactor

TOPTION provide detailed glass reactor installation, operation videos, manuals, and video conference training installation and operation. We can send engineers to provide you with installation and operation training services. If you are interested, please contact us by

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