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Project Description

Herbal extraction equipment

  • Two steps molecular distillation equipment, to get more pure cbd oi.

  • Stainless steel material with excellent thermal conductivity, guarantee extraction efficient is 1.4 times higher.

  • Vacuum system and cooling & heating temperature control system are available, one stop solution provider, help you save time & cost.

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MDS-10C 2 Stages Herbal extraction equipment

MDS-10C 2 stages type stainless steel molecular distillation equipment is the upgrade model of MDS-10C, make the herbal through 2 times extraction process, to get purer cbd oil. Stainless steel short path molecular distillation technology is considered as the safest method of separation and to purify the thermally unstable molecules & related compounds with low volatility & elevated boiling point.

Short path molecular distillation equipment is popular used for Rose essence oil purification, ginger oil purification, angelica oil purifying &
decoloration ( if use general water evaporation, after subcritical extraction, the color of angelica is black, but if use short path distillation, the angelica color will keep bright & yellow).

  • Orange peel oil
  • Artemisia argyi oil
  • Folium isatidis oil
  • Fennel oil
  • Remove the reagent residue of the nourishing oil

Technical parameters of MDS-10C molecular distillation equipment ( note: 2 stages type means 2 sets MDS-10C molecular distillation equipment combination operation)

MDS-10C 2 stages type

2 sets MDS-10C molecular distillation units combination

Material tank

Upgrade15L jacketed stainless steel tank

2 sight glass at top, with insulated ball valve.

Material charging

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.


Evaporation area 0.1

Film forming way: scraper (roller is optional)


Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)

Film forming motor370W, mechanical   constantly variable transmission2001000rpm/min

Cold trap

1.    0.4chiller cooling cold trap

2.    3L liquid nitrogen cold trap

3.    Dual-purposechiller & liquid nitrogen cold trap dual purpose

Choose 1 in above 3 types

Heavier component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Lighter component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Material pipeline

Jacketed insulation

Shelf & assemble

304 stainless steel pipe

Since 2004 TOPTION’s equipment has been used and praised in many countries including Canada, United states, Poland and Spain. TOPTION brand stainless steel, high precision molecular distillation equipment currently service more than 85% of the market share in the cannabis industry.

CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality manufacturing more than 15 years, support overseas installation service, welcome visit molecular distillation equipment factory contact now.

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