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Project Description

home freeze dryers

  • Small size can be placed on the kitchen countertop, simple and easy to operate.

  • ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period.

  • Can be used as soon as it is received, without installation, and the voltage can be customized.

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home freeze dryers

TOPTION this food freeze dryer has a very wide range of applications and is compact in size (please refer to the size picture above, these are our 3 hot-selling models, and there are larger sizes that can be customized. Please contact us for any needs through ). This small freeze dryer can be used on the countertop of the kitchen without installation. It can be used after receiving the goods and can be started by one button and the operation is very simple and convenient.

The applications of this home freeze dryer with GMP standard, make food be safe.

1. Food industry, include fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, desserts, and even full meals, which is much better than canning and dehydrating, as freeze drying food can keep 100% of food’s nutrition.
2. Nutrition & health care, such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, herbs, etc.
3. Scented tea, include all kinds of flower tea, green tea, instant coffee, etc.
4. Herbal medicine including honeysuckle, mint leaves, licorice, etc.
5. Pet food all kinds of meat, fish, etc.

Technical parameters of TOPTION home sell small freeze dryer for home use ( wide capacity range customization with greatest flexibility )

Model of freeze dryerTP-1
Condensing temperature≤–40 celsius degree
Ultimate vacuum10Pa (no load)
Freeze-dried area0.1 m2
Water catching capacity3kg/24h
Sample plate size145mm×275mm
Power requirements220V 50Hz
Work rate750w
Host size400mm×550mm×700mm (excluding door panel and handle)
Electronic control systemReal-time display of the freeze-drying curve and temperature curve of the clapboard. Intelligent temperature control.
DefrostOne-button defrost function

Detail pictures of food freeze dryer, quality is our culture

How to use the food freeze dryer for home use

1. Wash & clean up food, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, noodles, etc.
2. Slice or block, in general, the fruit is sliced, and the meat is cut into small pieces. Of course, this depends on your preference.
3. Place the food on the material tray & put it in the freeze-drying room.
4. Set up freeze-drying process, set up intelligent control operation.
5. Wait for program be finished, take out food & sealed packaging, for long time storage.

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