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Project Description

Lyophilizer freeze dryer

  • Factory directly sale with low cost, TOPTION is fully responsible for the damage during transportation to ensure that the product you receive is intact.

  • ISO CE certification dependable quality guarantee, 1 year warranty period, lifetime service.

  • Can be placed directly on the kitchen countertop and practical, silent and fully automatic.

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Lyophilizer freeze dryer

TOPTION this type lyophilizer freeze dryer is small size and economical type, most suitable for home use and small business, low cost and with the improvement of living standards, higher requirements for the original ecology of things and healthier diets are required. Therefore, freeze dryers are very popular in the market. Food can be freeze-dried conveniently, that is, it is easy to store for a long time and can maximize keep the nutrients in the food to the limit, so you can get a good market return rate.

How to use the vacuum freeze dryers

  1. Wash & clean up food, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, noodles, etc.
  2. Slice or block.
  3. Place the food on the material tray & put it in the freeze-drying room.
  4. Set up freeze-drying process, set up intelligent control operation.
  5. Wait for program be finished, take out food & sealed packaging, for long time storage.

The above picture shows how to freeze-dry food at home using freeze-drying of chicken breast and strawberry respectively. In addition to freeze drying of meat and fruits, there are more applications of freeze dryer as follows

The most popular application area is freeze drying of pet food. Would you like to try it at home? Welcome to contact us to inquire about the price through

The size and structure of vacuum freeze dryers

Configurations of vacuum freeze dryer

ModelTP-4 vacuum freeze dryer
Host1 Set
Material tray4 Pcs
Vacuum pump1Set
Vacuum hose1Pcs
Vacuum clamp2 Set
Manual instructions1 Pcs
Warranty card1 Pcs ( 1 year warranty period)

Main features of small freeze dryers

  1. International brand compressor, ensure refrigeration, water capture capacity and effect.
  2. 2 drying control modes – vacuum & program, drying method can be freely selected according to your material requirements.
  3. Temp. & vacuum protection system ensure the normal operation, drying effect, and reflect the superior performance of freeze dryer.
  4. One-button start of equipment defrosting, ensure quick and easy to use.
  5. Adjustable temp. & controllable production process, with program operation prompt function, can meet the drying of various materials, and ensure product be completely dried.
  6. PLC control system, touch screen operation, one-button start, easy operation.
  7. International brand compressor, strong refrigeration capacity, fast freeze-drying.
  8. International advanced technology vacuum pump DRV-10, silent, long-term operation without hot.
  9. GMP standard SS304 material, make food safe.
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