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Project Description

Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate

  • Heating up to 280℃, 340℃, 550℃ optional.

  • Heating magnetic stirrer factory directly sale, support global OEM.

  • 12 months warranty period, wholehearted aftersale service 24h/7days.

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Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate

TOPTION MS-H280-Pro magnetic stirrer hotplate is a perfect device for handing small volume task on daily application, as a low temperature magnetic stirrer with max. temperature at 280℃.

SpecificationsMS-H280-Pro magnetic stirrer hotplate
Work plate Dimensionφ135mm(5 inch)
Work plate materialstainless steel cover  with ceramic 
Motor typeBrushless DC motor
Motor rating input5W
Motor rating output3W
Heating output500W
Voltage100-120/200-240V    50/60Hz
Stirring positions1
Max. stirring quantity[H2O]3L
Max. magnetic bar[length]50mm
Speed range100-1500rpm
Speed displayLCD
Temperature displayLCD
Speed display resolution±1rpm
Heating temperature rangeRoom   temp.-280, increment 1°C
Control accuracy of work plate±1°C(<100°C)       ±1%(>100°C)
Over heat Protection320°C
Temperature display accuracy±1°C
External temperature sensorPT1000 (accuracy ±0.5°C)
“Hot” warning50°C
Protection classIP21
Dimension   [W * D * H]150*260*80mm 
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity
5-40 80%RH

340℃ magnetic stirrer heater

TOPTION 340℃ magnetic hotplate stirrers include all leading safety standards and features for superior ease of use and are cost-effective. They are widely used in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals, etc.

Work plate dimensionφ135mm(5   inch)
Work plate materialstainless steel cover with ceramic
Motor typeBrushless DC motor
Motor rating input18W
Motor rating output10W
Heating output500W
Voltage100-120/200-240V    50/60Hz
Stirring positions1
Max. stirring quantity[H2O]20L
Max. magnetic bar[length]80mm
Speed range100-1500rpm resolution±1rpm
Speed displayLCDScale
Temperature displayLCDScale
Heating temperature rangeRoom temp.-340°C, increment 1°C
Temperature control accuracy±1°C(<100°C)   ,   ±1%(>100°C)\
Over temperature protection360°C350°C
Temperature display accuracy±0.1°C±0.5°C
External temperature sensorPT1000   (accuracy ±0.2)\
“Hot” warning50°C\
Timer function\1min to 99h 59min\
Data connectorRS232\
Protection classIP42IP42
Dimension   [W*D*H]160*280*85mm
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40°C,  80%RH

TOPTION 380℃ magnetic hotplate stirrers

This type heating magnetic stirrer include all leading safety standards and is chemically-resistant with white ceramic work plate. They can be used in physical, chemical, analytical and biology laboratories.

  • Technical parameters of heater magnetic stirrer
 SpecificationsMS-H380 ProMS6-ProHP380-Pro
Work plate dimension140x140mm
Work plate materialAluminum cover with ceramic coating
Motor typeBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motor\
Motor rating input2.4W\
Motor rating output1.8W\
Heating output500W\500W
Voltage100-120/200-240V    50/60Hz
Stirring positions1\
Max. stirring quantity[H2O]5L\
Max. magnetic bar[length]50mm\
Speed range200-1500rpm\
Speed displayLCD\
Temperature displayLCD\LCD
Heating temperature rangeRoom temp.+5°C – 380°C\Room temp.+5°C – 380°C
Over heat Protection420°C\420°C
Temperature display accuracy±1°C\±1°C
External temperature sensorPT1000 (accuracy ±0.5°C)
\PT1000 (accuracy ±0.5°C)
Control accuracy of sensor±20rpm\
Protection classIP21
Dimension [W * D * H]320*180*108mm
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40°C 80%RH
  • Main features of this type magnetic stirrer with heating function

1.Max. heating temperature is 380°C.

2. High resolution LCD displays actual temperature and speed.

3. Brushless DC motor is maintenance free.

4. Aluminum cover with ceramic work plate, allows for immediate heat transfer.

5. External temperature control is possible with temperature sensor PT1000.

6. Digital temperature control with max. temperature at 380°C.

7. Digital speed control with max. speed up to 1500rpm.

8. Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 5L.

Find magnetic stirrer manufacturer, want to get magnetic stirrer PDF, complete magnetic stirrer catalogue, welcome contact 24h/7days free online service.

550℃ Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer HotPlate

TOPTION 550℃ series magnetic stirrer is developed for demanding applications. It’s widely used in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals etc.

Combining with glass ceramic work plate, brushless DC motor and external temperature sensor, the work plate temperature is optimized up to 550℃.

  • Technical parameters of MS7-H550-S Lab Stirrer mixer magnetic Stirrer with heating plate hotplate mixer
Work plate Dimension [W*D]184*184mm (7 inch)
Work plate materialGlass ceramic
Motor typeShaded pole motor
Motor rating input15W
Motor rating output1.5W
Heating output1000W
Voltage100-120/200-240V    50/60Hz
Stirring positions1
Max. stirring quantity, [H2O]20L10L
Max. magnetic bar[length]80mm
Speed range0-1500rpm
Speed displayLCDScale
Temperature displayLCDLED
Heating temperature rangeRoom   temp.-550°C, increment 5°C
Temperature  control accuracy±0.1°C±1°C
Overheating protection580°C
Temperature display accuracy±0.1°C±1°C
External temperature sensorPT1000   (accuracy ±0.2)
“Hot” warning50°C
Protection classIP21
Dimension [W*D*H]215*360*112mm
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40°C,   80%RH
  • HP550-S Lab mixer Magnetic Stirrer with heating plate hotplate
SpecificationsHP550-S Lab mixer Magnetic Stirrer
Work plate Dimension184*184mm(7 inch)
Work plate materialGlass ceramic
Heating Power1000W
Heating position1
Heating temperature rangeRoom temp.-550°C,increment 5°C 
Control accuracy of work plate±10°C
Safety temperature580°C
Temperature displayLED
Temperature display accuracy±1°C
External temperature sensorPT1000(±0.5°C) 
Heating warning50°C
Protection classIP21
Dimension   [W * D * H]215*360*112mm 
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40°C,   80%RH
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