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Project Description

Multistage molecular distillation equipment customize

  • Multistage molecular distillation equipment professional customize, CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality guarantee.

  • Vacuum pump, heating & cooling circulators are available.

  • Welcome factory visit, overseas installation & training service is available.

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Three stages molecular distillation equipment customize

TOPTION molecular distillation equipment has wide capacity range ( LAB – PILOT – INDUSTRY ), no matter which mode you choose, all could customize multi stages type, which purpose is getting more purity plant oil / essential oil, etc. In below picture is MDS-10C three stages type.

A complete short path distillation apparatus set should include

1. Short path evaporator.                                    2. Heating system.

3. Material charging system.                             4. Cooling system.

5. Vacuum system.                                               6. Material collection unit, etc.

Why choose stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

1. High Efficient: stainless steel material’s quickly heat transfer rate, guarantee extraction efficient is 1.4 times higher.

2. Automatic Control System, 24h Continuously Running,  Automatic feeding and collecting by gear pump, convenient operation and save labor cost.

3. No Congeal: jacketed insulation pipeline and feeding tank design, benefit for viscous material.

4. External Condenser: achieve multistage effect of thin film degassing & molecular distillation separation with 1 set molecular apparatus.

5. Precision Vacuum Control: international universal process standard, prevent all factors to cause vacuum error.

6. Different Temperature Control System For Heavier Component & Light Component,benefit for heat sensitive material.

7. All equipment of molecular distillation one stop solution through CE certification, ISO approved, TOPTION brand USA & Canada certification, reliable quality guarantee.

Technical parameters of this three stages molecular distillation equipment, please refers to MDS-10C single stage type.

Welcome factory visit, overseas installation & training service is available, contact now.

Molecular distillation one stop solution, include short path distillation equipment, rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator, vacuum pump, heating & cooling circulators bath, all through CE certification, all support professional customize, welcome contact

Two stages molecular distillation machine customize

TOPTION this type two stages molecular distillation equipment is customized according to MDS-10C short path distillation equipment design, made of excellent quality stainless steel material, support 24h continuously working, automatic feeding & collection by gear pump, wheel design for easy movement, whole distillation equipment operation is very convenient & easy.

TOPTION as CE certified, ISO approved reliable quality short path molecular distillation equipment manufacturer, provide distillation one stop solution professional customize based on more than 15 years production experience, welcome factory visit to check the production process and finished equipment, overseas installation & training service is also available. Contact now.

Molecular distillation equipment factory

Technical parameters of MDS-10C stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

Main body


MDS-10C molecular distillation units

Material tank

Upgrade 15L jacketed stainless steel tank

2 sight glass at top, with insulated ball valve.

Material charging

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.


Evaporation area 0.1

Film forming way: scraper (roller is optional)

Material: 316L

Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)

Film forming motor: 370W, mechanical   constantly variable transmission, 2001000rpm/min

Cold trap

1.    0.4chiller cooling cold trap

2.    3L liquid nitrogen cold trap

3.    Dual-purposechiller & liquid nitrogen cold trap dual purpose

Choose 1 in above 3 types

Heavier component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Lighter component discharge

Gear pump

Flow 3L15L/H

200W motor, electronic speed regulation.

Material pipeline

Jacketed insulation

Shelf & assemble

304 stainless steel pipe



1. No-load 10PA

2. No-load 5PA

3. No-load 1PA rotary vane roots   pump set 

4. No-load 0.01PA rotary vane molecular pump set  (Single phase 220V)

Vacuum measurement

Resistance / thermocouple vacuum transmitter

Main evaporator heating

300/6KW, UC5030  

Raw material section insulation

200/3KW, UT-3020

Heavier component


200/3KW, UT-3020

Lighter component condensation & insulation

CBD lighter component could share with material feeding tank

Internal condenser — High & low temperature all-in-one   machine

Insulation —200/3KW  

External cold trap cooling

1. Liquid nitrogen cold trap, lowest temp. could reach -190℃,  cooling to collect ultra light component with high efficient.

Or 2. Chiller

molecular distillation equipment package

Contact to customize your plant oil distillation one stop solution.

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