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Overhead Stirrer

  • LCD, LED display optional.

  • 20L, 40L optional.

  • Buy accessories independently: universal plate stand, propeller stirrer, straight stirrer, paddle stirrer, centrifuge stirrer, etc.

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Overhead Stirrer

TOPTION overhead stirrers can accomplish the most demanding tasks and provide high safety and increased performance. They are widely used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, petrochemical industries, etc.

 Specifications OS20-Pro OS20-Pro
Max. stirring quantity[H2O] 20L 40L
Power 70W 130W
Motor type brushless DC motor brushless DC motor
Motor input power 60W 120W
Motor output power 50W 100W
Speed range 50-2200rpm 50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy ±3rpm ±3rpm
Speed display LCD LCD
Torque display LCD LCD
Voltage 100-220V, 50/60 Hz 100-220V, 50/60 Hz
Overload protection display LED lights LED lights
Max. torque 40Ncm 60Ncm
Viscosity max. 10000mPas 50000mPas
Chuck range diameter 0.5-10mm 0.5-10mm
Dimension[W*D*H] 83*220*186mm 83*220*186mm
Weight 2.8kg 2.8kg
Protection class IP21 IP21
Permissible   ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C,      80%RH 5-40°C,      80%RH
Data connector RS232 RS232
  • Main features of LCD digital overhead stirrer:

1.High reliability and outstanding performance.

2. LCD display for precise monitoring of set and actual speeds, a wide range of speed from 50 to 2200rpm with control accuracy of  ±3rpm.

3. Brushless DC motor for long life, maintenance free and explosion proof Torque trend display for real-time information on viscosity, changes.

4. Safety circuits allow for safe stop function in anti-stall or overload conditions.

5. Smooth operation prevents accidental spillage and splashing.

6. Provides constant speed even with changes in viscosities of the samples.

7. Remote function provide PC control and data transmission.

8. Availability of auto-restart function in case of power loss for overnight operations.

LED Overhead Stirrer

  • High reliability and outstanding performance.
  • A wide range of speed from 50 to  2200rpm.
  • Brushless DC motor for long life, maintenance free and explosion proof.
  • LED screen for monitoring actual speed.
  • Safety circuits allow for safe stop function in anti-stall or overload conditions.
Specifications OS20-S OS40-S
Max. stirring quantity(H2O) 20L 40L
Motor type brushless DC motor brushless DC motor
Motor input power 60W 120W
Motor output power 50W 100W
Voltage 100-220V,   50/60 Hz 100-220V,   50/60 Hz
Power 70W 130W
Speed range 50-2200rpm 50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy ±3rpm ±3rpm
Speed display LED LED
Overload protection display LED   lights LED   lights
Max. torque 40Ncm 60Ncm
Viscosity max. 10000mPas 50000mPas
Chuck range diameter 0.5-10mm 0.5-10mm
Dimension[W*H*D] 83*220*186mm 83*220*186mm
Weight 2.8kg 2.8kg
Protection class IP42 IP42
Permissible  ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C,   80%RH 5-40°C   80%RH

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