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  • Single channel, 8 channel, 12 channel optional.

  • Autoclavable pipette optional.

  • Factory directly sale, Global OEM.

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All TOPTION pipettes have been quality tested according to ISO8655-2:2002 with calibration certificate. The quality control involves gravimetric testing of each pipette with distilled water at 22℃.

  • Individual Piston & Tip Cone Assemblies

-Lightweight, ergonomic design for excellent operating experience.

-Allow easy repair and maintenance.                        -Rotatable & Adjustable, flexible.

  • Low Force Tip Ejector

-Successfully avoid strong acid & alkali harm to operator.

-Protect experimental environment, prevent pollution.

  •  Large Digital Display Window

-Digital display allow for easier volume identification.       – 0.1μl to 10ml wide volume range.

  • Pipe Nozzle Connection -Special pipe nozzle connection design, easy observe the sealing situation of suction nozzle.
  • Pipette Tools Supplied, Use tools, easy to calibrate and maintain.
  • Anti-fake code, TOPTION brand quality guarantee.

1. Technical parameters of adjustable volume single channel pipette:

2. Fixed volume single channel pipette, welcome contact for free samples applied.

3. 8-channel laboratory pipette technical parameters:

4. 12-channel pipette chemistry technical parameters:

Fully Autoclave Pipettes

The MicroPette Plus pipettes are fully autoclavable, enable easy cleaning and reduce the risk of contamination. Steam autoclaving can be performed at 121℃, 1bar for 20 minutes. After autoclaving, the pipette must be cooled down and left to dry for 12 hours before use.

It’s recommended to check the performance of the pipette after each autoclaving. Creasing and sealing of the pipette piston after every 10th autoclaving will secure an enhanced function.

This type fully autoclave micropette include single channel, 8 channels, 12 channels three types, main features:

  • 121℃ fully autoclavable.
  • Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience.
  • Easy-to-read volume display.
  • The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1ul to 5ml.
  • Easy calibration and maintenance.
  • Manufactured from innovative materials.
  • Each micropette plus supplied with an individual calibration certificate according to ISO8655.

All technical parameters is same with single / 8 / 12 channel pipettes.

Welcome contact for liquid handing instruments PDF.

Half Autoclavable MicroPette

  • Single channel MicroPette features:

1.Pipettes cover a volume range from 0.1ul to 10ml.

2. Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience.

3. Large display window allows for easy volume identification.

4. Easy calibration and maintenance.

5. Each miropette supplied with an individual calibration certificate according to ISO8655.

  • MicroPette multi-channel laboratory pipettes features:

1. 8 and 12 channel pipettes are appropriate for 96 well plates.

2. Dispensing head rotates for effortless pipetting convenience.

3. Individual piston and tip cone assemblies allowing easy repair and maintenance.

4. Compound material-made tip cone secures high sealing performance.

5. Compatible with most universal tip brands.

half autoclavable pipettes

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