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Project Description

Rotary Evaporation to Remove Solvent

  • 100L, 50L, 20L, 10L, 5L, 1L rotary evaporation to remove solvent.

  • Vacuum pump, chiller, vacuum controller are available.

  • Glassware, sealing parts, vacuum pump / chiller connection pipes could buy separately.

  • CE certification reliable quality guarantee, explosion types could be customized.

  • Fast delivery with safe wooden box package.

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Rotary Evaporation to Remove Solvent

  • 100L rotary evaporator with hydraulic lifting device design, for easy & convenient operation.
  • Explosion proof design for safe operation.
  • Using PTFE and fluorine rubber compound seal, to maintain a high vacuum degree.
  • Adopt double main two sets of condenser to ensure high efficient recovery.
  • Built-in temperature sensor probe in oil bath , the digital constant temperature control.
  • Overseas installation / training service is available, factory visit welcome contact

Technical parameters of 100L explosion proof rotary evaporator

Product nameExplosion proof type rotary evaporator
Evaporation flask capacity100L
Collection flask capacity10L+50L
Lifting methodBath automatic lifting
Rotational speed0-110rpm
Rotational speed digital displayHave
Temperature digital displayHave
Water bath power16KW
Temperature sensor typeK
Temperature fluctuation accuracy±0.2℃
Working conditions:

Environment temperature

Environment humidity

Working frequency

Working voltage





Advantages of 100L rotary evaporator, pictures of detail parts FYI, please contact to get catalogue / vedio / price / factory visit.

During cbd oil distillation process, rotary evaporator is used for solvent remove, compared with wiped film evaporator, rotary evaporator is more economical, so it’s hotsale.

TOPTION as CE certified, ISO approved rotary evaporator manufacturer, with more than 15 years development & production experience, support professional customize, reliable quality guarantee. We could support overseas installation / training service, also welcome factory visit contact 

50L rotary evaporator hotsale types

Technical parameters of 50L rotary evaporator ( 1L / 5L / 10L / 20L / 50L / 100L wide capacity range).

Relevant ModelRE-5250 50L rotary evaporator
Evaporating Flask(L)50L/F125
Receiving Flask(L)20L + 10L,
bottom discharge
Condensing Surface(㎡)1.5
Rotation Speed (rpm)3-110
Max Evaporating Speed (Ethyl Alcohol)8L/H
Lifting TypeAutomatic lifting
Reachable Vacuum Rate0.098Mpa (SHB-B95 Vacuum Pump)
Bath Power (kw)6
Staic Temp. Control Range & Wave (℃)RT-99(170) ±0.2
Bath Size. Capacity Material¢55*32H, 70L, SUS304
Dimensions (mm)1300*800*2300H

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