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rotary evaporator

rotary vacuum evaporator

  • Dual condensers design, explosion proof system customize, matched chillers, vacuum pump, vacuum controller are available.

  • 100L 50L 20L 10L 5L 2L 1L wide range customization, in stock fast delivery.

  • ISO CE certification, dependable quality guarantee.

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50L explosion proof rotary vacuum evaporator design, dual condenser for higher efficient, matched with chillers, vacuum pump, vacuum controller complete set is available, 50L is TOPTION factory hotsale type rotary evaporator in stock fast delivery, provide OEM customization include change the color of evaporator, customize your company logo, factory directly sale help you save cost, and also the ISO CE certification could guarantee the dependable quality of rotary evaporators, TOPTION is your TOP OPTION of evaporation concentraion equipment supplier.

Technical parameters of TOPTION 50L rotary vacuum evaporator

ModelRE-5250 Dual condenser rotary evaporator 50l
Evaporation flask50L/ F125
Receiving flask20L + 10L, bottom discharge for continuously working
Condensing surface1.5m2 , dual condensers design for higher efficient
Rotating speed3-110 rpm
Explosion proof control systemYes
Automatic liftingYes
Reachable vacuum rate<133Pa ( 1.33mbar, 1 Torr )
Heating bathOil / water bath, 9KW
Static temperature control range & waveRT-99 (150) + – 0.2 celsius degree
Power220V, 50/60Hz
CertificationISO CE SGS TUV BV certification, quality is TOPTION culture
PackageProfessional export wooden box packaging, safe and fast shipping

Among the many concentration evaporators, the rotary evaporator is favored by many scientific research institutes, schools, and home laboratories because of its economical price. Especially, it has the highest selection rate in the cbd industry, which is mainly used for alcohol recovery and reagent removal after ethanol centrifugal extraction process. Then let’s go through some clear and detailed pictures to understand how to choose the correct and reliable quality rotary steamer.

As a manufacturer of rotary evaporator, TOPTION have more than 15 years of experience in R&D, production, and export sales of rotary evaporator equipment. A professional team of engineers will provide you with professional customization, and a professional sales team will provide you with timely communication in English, including videos call for inspection, factory inspection, etc., a professional after-sales team, no matter how long your evaporator is used, as long as the evaporation equipment is produced by TOPTION factory, we provide life-long service by 24h/7days online.

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