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Project Description

Laboratory Solvent Filter

  • 1000ml, 2000ml glass solvent filter.

  • Stainless steel manifolds filter: 1-branch, 3-branch, 4-branch, 6-branch.

  • Can buy filter funnel, filter head, collection flask, clamp separately.

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Laboratory Solvent Filter

Vacuum filtration is a technique for separating a solid product from a solvent or liquid reaction mixture.

1000ml Vacuum filtration apparatus configuration: 300ml filtering cup, 1000ml Conical flask, high borosilicate glass filtering head.

2000ml Vacuum filtration apparatus configuration: 500ml filtering cup, 2000ml Conical flask, high borosilicate glass filtering head.

Advantages of TOPTION brand laboratory glass solvent filter vacuum filtration apparatus:

Stainless steel Manifolds Filtration Apparatus

Professional customization of laboratory vacuum filter chemistry

Vacuum filter chemistry customize

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