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Project Description

spray dryer

  • Wide application liquid to powder making machine, like milk powder, egg powder, juice powder, instant coffee powder, etc.

  • 2L 3L 5L 10L 15L wide range customization, PLC control system, automatic & easy operation.

  • ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, lifetime service.

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Spray dryer

TOPTION this hotsale type spray dryer with PLC control system ( language of the operation interface can be customized ) is widely and popular used for liquid materials with good fluidity, such as fruit juice, milk powder, plant extracts, instant coffee, etc. The micro powder produced by spray drying equipment,  you don’t need to do material filtration, concentration and smash before drying, very convenient and make your drying process high efficient.

Technical parameters of spray drying equipment

Max capacityml/h500010000
Temperature range of inlet air140°C ~ 300°C
50°C ~ 300°C
Temperature range of outlet air80°C ~ 90°C30°C ~ 150°C
Spray system/Centrifugal nozzleCentrifugal nozzle
Precision of temp±1
Dryer timeS1.0 ~ 1.5
Speed of squirt pumpml/h500010000
Spray direction/Downwards co-current
Heater Power/3KW  220V
Total power/10KW 380V
Heat source/Electric
Air compressor/Built-in oil-free air compressor
Dried powder restoring rate%≥95≥98
Maximum moisture evaporationKg/h510

ISO CE certification reliable manufacturer and supplier of spray drying equipment, customization support, OEM, all drying equipment has 1 year warranty period, lifetime service.

How to use the spray dryer powder making machine?

1.After the air passes through the filter and the heating device, it enters the hot air distributor on the top of the drying room, and the hot air passing through the hot air distributor evenly enters the drying room and rotates in a spiral shape.
2.At the same time, the material liquid is sent to the centrifugal spray head (atomizer) installed at the top of the drying chamber, and the material liquid is sprayed into performance mist droplets.
3.The contact surface area of the material liquid and the hot air is greatly increased, and the water evaporates quickly, and the finished product is dried in a very short time.
4.The powder is recovered by the collection tube at the bottom of the dryer, and the exhaust gas is discharged by the centrifugal fan.

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