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Project Description

Stainless steel crystallization reactor

  • Strong mechanical agitation.

  • Large discharge port with sight glass.

  • Ex Motor & Controller.

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Stainless steel crystallization reactor with filtration function, 50L jacketed layer reaction vessel design, pressure gauge & safety automatic pressure relief design, Ex motor and controller for safe and convenient operation. which is most popular used for plant oil crystallization.

Main technical parameters of this type 50L stainless steel crystallization reaction vessel

  • Material: Stainless Steel (glass type optional).
  • Capacity: 50L jacketed layer ( Lab – Pilot – Industry Flexible Design).
  • Filter plate: SS316L sintered net ( Sand core / PTFE / SS316 / Titanium filter plate optional).
  • Motor power: Ex three phase 220V 60Hz.
  • Stirrer motor: 180W.
  • Working voltage: 220V 60Hz 1 phase.
  • Ultrasonic power: 2500W.
  • Controller: Ex controller.
  • Pressure design: Pressure gauge & safety automatic pressure relief design.
  • Package: Professional wooden box package.

Advantages of stainless steel crystallization equipment

1. Ex Motor & Controller, safe & easy operation.Vigorous torque stirring motor makes the stirring more powerful.

2. Large charging port with high sealing performance.Easy charging & Meet the high vacuum requirements of whole crystallization system.

3. Large solid discharge port could open easily & convenient pick out. Observation mirror is convenient for you to observe the stirring & filtration status inside the reactor at any time.

4. SS stirring paddle and SS sintered filter plate are designed at close distance to obtain more sufficient stirring effect.

5. SS316 jacketed layer reaction tank with good insulation.

6. Facilitate sampling design, easy observe whole filtration process.

7. Stainless steel receiving tank, discharging valve no dead ends design.

8. Safe operation. Pressure gauge & safety automatic pressure relief design.

9. Vacuum pump & temperature circulation bath are available.

CBD extraction | distillation turnkey solution, contact to customize your requirements.

50L jacketed glass crystallization reactor with filtration function, design with automatic lifting device, could help you taking out materials very easy and most convenient to clean.  Temperature circulating bath and vacuum pump are available.

1. Condenser                                       2. Stirring motor                                  3. Collection flask
4. Discharging valve                         5. PTFE stirring paddle                       6. Sand core filter plate
7. Strong stainless steel frame        8. Vacuum pump                                  9. Ultrasonic homogenizer
10.Filtration reactor controller       11.Ultrasonic controller                       12.Collection flask
13.Condenser + collection flask, recycle organice reagents, and protect vacuum pumps.
14.Universal wheel convenient moving.                                  15.Heating and cooling circulator bath

Advantages of double layer glass reactor crystallization filter

  1. Automatic lifting, filter plate can be disassembled and washed easily.
  2. Ultrasonic emulsification with PTFE agitator, sample mixing is more complete, better separation of materials.
  3. Reactor cover port customize, convenient and east to do liquid /solid feeding stirring, temperature and ph measure, etc.

4. Sand core filter plate with PTFE fixing gland, fast flow, good chemical corrosion resistance and sealing performance.

5. Cold trap and collection flask, recycle organic reagents, protect vacuum pumps.

6.Heating and cooling circulators bath ( -80~250 degree), accurate temperature control according to your actual process requirements.

7. Vacuum pump is optional to make your research more efficient. Contact to customize now.

Two type automatic lifting design, stainless steel material is available, contact to get fast communication.

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