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Thin film evaporator manufacturer in China

  • ISO, SGS, TUV,BV certification, CE | UL configurations are optional.

  • Installation & operation service remote | on-site optional.

  • OEM, customization, lab – pilot – industry types customize with greatest flexibility.

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Thin film evaporator manufacturer in China

Thin film evaporator is also named as wiped film evaporator, it is a new type of high-efficiency evaporator which is through a rotary wiper to make a film, and has a high-speed flow, high heat transfer efficiency, short residence time (about 10~50S), and can be used for falling film evaporation under vacuum conditions.

This is a set of TOPTION UL-certified wiped film evaporation system, which uses three explosion-proof high precision gear pumps for automatic feeding and discharging, and ensures the safety of operation. Support 24h/7days continuously working.

The picture above is a structural diagram to help you better understand this thin film evaporator, TOPTION as 15+ years manufacturer of evaporators, provide OEM, lab – pilot – industry wide capacity range customization with greatest flexibility, matched chillers, heaters, vacuum pump are available.

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