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Project Description

Ultrasonic Emulsifier Equipment

  • Handheld type, no-contact type, large power ultrasonic homogenizer customized.

  • CE certified reliable quality guarantee, OEM ultrasonic homogenizer contact.

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Ultrasonic Emulsifier Equipment

TOPTION handheld ultrasonic cell crusher add automatic or manual operation working mode ( foot switch is optional ).

Ultrasonic power could be continuously adjustable with 1% precision, transducer has small size and light weight, you could hold it in hand to do micro sample research, also could put it on fixed support.

Technical parameters of TOPTION UP Series Ultrasonic Cell Disruption:



20-30KHz  Automatic tracking20-30KHz  Automatic tracking
Power(W)2.5-250W  adjustable 5-400W  adjustable
Horn (mm)Φ3   or Φ5Φ6
Optional  Horn (mm)Φ2Φ3Φ6Φ2Φ3Φ5Φ8
Crush  Capacity


0.1-150   0.1-300 
Temperature  alarm range0-100 ℃
Instrument  protection functionOver-temperature
Foot  switchOptional
Display4.3 inch TFT

No-contact Ultrasonic Cell Lysis

TOPTION TUN-R series ultrasonic cell crusher is used for asepsis crush, it could through centrifuge tube to break chromosome and crush cell ( suitable for biology dangerous products and harmful sample ), equipped with silencer hold-down device.

Compared with traditional probe ultrasonic cell crusher, traditional cell crusher’s probe need to contact with sample directly, need to use one same probe again and again, which is easy to cause sample cross pollution. And also as every time the depth of  probe insert sample is not same, so each time ultrasonic energy distribution is not uniform,finally effect the repeatability and precision of research result.

For TUN-R series ultrasonic cell crusher, don’t need operate probe frequently, each sample is put in total closed individual test tube, ultrasonic energy distribution is uniform, high efficient experiment, reliable test result, excellent repeatability.

As all these advantages, TUN-R series ultrasonic cell crusher already become the standard instrument for ChIP ( chromatin co-immunoprecipitation ) and blood products, vaccine products, DNA shear research institution.

Technical parameters of this no-contact type ultrasonic homogenizing and blending:






19.5-20.5KHz Automatic tracking


20-1200W adjustable

100-2200W adjustable

500-3200W   adjustable

Horn (mm)




Standard crush capacity at a time (ml)

1.5ml or 2ml *4 hole

1.5ml or 2ml*16 hole

1.5ml of 2ml*32 hole

Centrifugal pipe support optional (ml)

0.2ml*8 hole or 0.5ml*6   hole or 5ml*3 hole

0.5ml*18 hole or 5ml*18 hole or 15ml*15 hole or 50ml*5 hole

0.5ml*48 hole or  5ml*18 hole or 15ml*15   hole or 50ml*5 hole or 250ml*1hole

Constant temp. Range  ℃

0-100 degree centigrade ( Low temperature circulators & constant temperature   circulators are optional)

Store data

20 sets


4.3 inch TFT

Large power no-contact type ultrasonic cell crusher:

Ultrasonic Material Emulsifying Dispenser

TOPTION this type ultrasonic material emulsifying dispenser is most suitable to disperse nanometer materials (such as carbon nano tube, graphene, silicon dioxide).

Technical parameters of TOPTION this type 4.3 inch touch screen ultrasonic material disperse machine:

Frequency  (KHz)20-30KHz  

Automatic tracking


Automatic tracking


Automatic tracking


Automatic tracking

Power (W)5-500W  adjustable 10-1000W adjustable 20-1500W adjustable 1000-3000W adjustable
Horn (mm)Φ6Φ10Φ20   or 22Φ40(mm)   lengthened type
Optional Horn (mm)Φ2Φ3Φ8Φ10Φ6Φ8Φ10Φ12Φ15Φ10Φ15Φ25Φ20Φ35Φ40 lengthened   type, Φ50mm
Crush capacity (ml)0.2-400   10-600   50-1500  500-5000  
Instrument   protection functionOver-temperature   protectionOver-temperature   protectionOver-temperature,  protectionOver-temperature,  protection
Display4.3 inch TFT4.3 inch TFT4.3 inch TFT4.3 inch TFT
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