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Project Description

ultrasonic reactor

  • Jacketed glass reactor with ultrasonic function, customization with greatest flexibility.

  • ISO CE certification, 15+ years manufacture experience, quality is our culture.

  • Wide application for mixing reaction distillation and filtration, popular in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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ultrasonic reactor

TOPTION ultrasonic reactor designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, heaters, chillers, vacuum pump are available, and it’s widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for mixing reaction distillation and filtration, etc.

Standard type jacketed reactor can be upgraded to explosion proof type according to your actual needs, include Ex motor, Ex controller, Ex electrical enclosure and cable. TOPTION as ISO CE certification manufacturer of chemistry glass reactor, has engaged in the development, research, production, sale and service of reactors with more than 15 years, quality is our culture, because of the following advantages, TOPTION chemistry reactors are widely praised and trusted by customers.

  1. Fully customizable system, with filtration, ultrasonic function, rotating and lifting design, etc.
  2. Outstanding corrosion resistance, dependable quality, long service life.
  3. High quality borosilicate 3.3 glass.
  4. Volume available from 500ml to 200L.
  5. High vacuum degree, different types vacuum pump are available.
  6. Explosion proof system.
  7. Heaters and chillers for high precision temperature control system, are available.
  8. Support on-site video inspection, welcome visit factory for inspection, and local installation service is availbale.
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