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vacuum lyophilizer manufacturers

  • ISO & CE certification, 1 year warranty period, reliable quality guarantee.

  • LCD touch screen operation, easy and convenient.

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vacuum lyophilizer manufacturers

TOPTION this lab benchtop small vacuum freeze dryer lyophilizer equipment is widely used in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biological research, Laboratory, Cordyceps sinensis, Food industry, Hemp industry, etc.

Different models of TOPTION TOPT-10 series freeze dryers are suitable for different products. The following examples hope to help you choose

A:Basic model – suitable for bulk materials, liquids & solids drying.

B: Top press model – suitable for drying of schering bottled material, vacuum bag can be sealed and sealed by the sample, including the common type of using function.

C: Multi-pipeline model – suitable for bulk materials / small materials of freeze-dried, while the external freeze-dried bottles, eggplant-shaped bottles, jars.

D: Top press & multi-pipeline model – contains the use of ordinary multi-manifold features, enabling the vacuum bagging of the vacuum bagging of the sample envelope, to meet most of the laboratory technical requirements.

E: T model – suitable for vacuum ampoule package.

In addition to this LCD screen display, touch screen operation desktop freeze dryer, TOPTION also provide a variety of models to choose, if you are not sure which model is suitable, you can tell us your actual needs, our technicians will match the most suitable freeze drying equipment model for you, contact to ask factory directly sale price list now.

The following is the real feedback of our customers all over the world using the freeze dryer, I hope to have a reference for you

ISO CE certification freeze dryer manufacturer with more than 15 years research, development, production, sale and service experience, professional customization, technical support, in stock fast delivery.

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