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Project Description

Wiped film evaporator manufacturer in China

  • UL | CE different configurations are optional.

  • High precision gear pump for 24h/7days continuously working.

  • Installation & operation training service is available ( remote | on-site are optional).

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Wiped film evaporator manufacturer in China

Working principle of wiped film evaporator

  1. Material is automatically fed topreheater through the gear pump
  2. Enter evaporation chamber, form a thin film on the wall through scraper, heat to form a gas-liquid separation, and collect the heavy (concentrated hemp oil solution), which can be automatically pumped out by a gear pump.
  3. Steam goes up, through the stainless steel wire packing, the droplets return to the evaporation chamber(reducing the loss of hemp oil) and the steam enters the condenser.
  4. The condenser condenses to realize ethanol recovery.

Wiped film evaporator is widely used after the extraction process in the cbd industry, it is used for solvent removal and alcohol | ethanol recovery. But in fact, wiped film evaporators can be used in many other industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, petroleum chemical, biological pesticide, waste water industry, etc.

The picture above is a corner of TOPTION factory and the final wooden box packaging. All our film evaporation equipment must be debugged before shipment. The installation video and debug video are recorded to help customers install and quickly put the evaporation equipment into use after receiving the equipment. Of course TOPTION can also provide on-site guidance and training. Please contact to inquiry now.

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