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Chemical Synthesis Reactor

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Glass Reactor

Gold purification,plant extraction,vacuum distillation,multi-component reactions,gas introduction into liquid phase,extraction of multi phase mixture,crystallization,reflux,multiple chemical reactions liquid/liquid,liquid/solid,low temperature chemistry and cell culture,etc.

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Glass Handicraft

TOPTION glass material is even-thickness & no foam. Glass cover is handmade fired with very good annealing temp. So TOPTION brand glass reactor has no crack during working process.

Mechanical Seal

Stirring seal plug adopts “mechanical seal, dynamic ring & static ring buckle principle”, guarantee good sealing function and stirrer service life.


Motor with stable performance, over-temp. never happen even with long time operation.

Speed Regulator

TOPTION speed regulator use variable frequency regulation, ensure your research stable & accurate even through your laboratory current voltage is flutuating.

Bottom Discharge Valve

Achieve quality by design, bottom discharge valve ensure reactor no dead angle, no liquid leakage & corrosion phenomena.

PTFE Seal Material

High quality PTFE seal material, even under high temp. reaction, ensure no decompose & corrosion.

PT-100 Temp Sensor

Whole temp. testing parts use PT100 temp. sensor, which has good sensitivity. Temp. sensor through good antiseptic treatment (especially the outside PTFE coated technique), guarantee temp. testing result keep accurate, no temp. drift, temp. sensor no corrosion.


Stirrer is full coated with PTFE, ensure its long service life, without corrosion, ensure continuously good stirring effection.

Support Frame

Reactor whole support frame use stainless steel material – thickness ≥ 1.5mm, guaratee continuously good bearing load performance during reactor long service life.

Screws Use Stainless Steel

Reactor’s all screws use stainless steel material, from details promising reactor good quality and long service life.

Reactor’s Lockable Wheels

For reactor’s lockable wheels, TOPTION design standard bearing force is equal or greater than 1.5 time (equipment weight + liquid sample weight). For long-term consideration, ensure your research be safe and convenient.


TOPTION core technology could support laboratory design and overall arrangement, so as to meet different process requirement from different customers.

1. PT-100 thermometer:

PT100 temp. sensor probe has high precision temp. measurement performance, less error and hard to be broken, make your research more effficient. PTFE coated outside without pollution, and achieve good anti-corrosion effect.

2. Reactor lid:

Multi-necked reactor lid is made of 3.3 high borosilicate glass, necks and sizes support customization.

3. Reaction vessel:

Reaction vessel is made of 3.3 high borosilicate glass, 0.25L-200L capacity is available.

4. Solid feeding neck:

Press lid of solid feeding neck is made of SS304 stainless steel and PTFE material, which has strong acid & alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance.

5. Gas phase pipelines:

Gas phase pipelines adopt flange spherical connection neck and PTFE connector , easy & convenient disassembly, also effectively protect the safety of equipment.

6. Stirring paddles:

Different types of stirring paddles (anchor, paddle, frame, impeller,etc) are optional, main rod is made of 304 stainless steel with PTFE coated outside, which is suitable stirring and mixing different viscosity liquid.

7. Discharging valve:

PTFE bottom discharge valve with movable joint, so ensure without dead angle and materials can be discharged thoroughly & quickly.

8. Condenser:

High efficient coil condenser is made of 3.3 high borosilicate glass, 0.3㎡-3㎡ is available.

9. Motor + Control box:

Explosion proof / normal motor and control box are optional, authorized by national quality assurance authority.

10. Mechanical seal:

Adopt mechanical seal ceramic static ring, graphite ring and ceramic bearing, with good corrosion resistance and high temp. resistance, which guarantee high precision sealing during working.

Besides, stainless steel or aluminium alloy coupler are optional, which is used to reduce the shake of paddle, make the mixing more steady.

11. Vacuum gauge:

Vacuum gauge use stainless steel cover, anti corrosive and beautiful appearance, fully sealed and filled with oil inside, to protect the inner components not be rusted and shocked.

12. Lockable casters:

4” PU casters, good anti-corrosion performance, make the moving more smooth and steady.

13. Receiving flask:

Receiving flask is made of 3.3 high borosilicate glass, flange type connector, the bottom discharge valve can discharge material continuously. 1L-100L capacity is optional.

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