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High Pressure Reactor

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High Pressure Reactor

Suitable for mixing reaction tank of non-magnetic environment, soft drive shaft design for easy separation of the kettle body & cover, multi-function design, easy operation.

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Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor Structure Design


Lab High Pressure Reactor Design

1.Pressure Gage – monitor working pressure in reactor.

2.Explosion Valve – Protect reator overpressure working.

3.Temperature Sensor Plug – monitor the temperature in reactor, connect with thermocouple.

4.Needle valve – air inflow, exhaust or sampling.

5.Handlebar – to teardown reactor lid.

6.Temperature measure jacket tube – used to insert temperature sensor.

7.Accused of bottom tube – used to sample during reaction.

8.Reactor lid lock screw – uniform distribution 6pcs in total, clockwise is tight, anticlockwise is loose.

9.Reactor body – coefficient of material charging is 80% of reactor whole volume, not suitable for all kinds of medium.

Easy Operation Panel Of Lab High Pressure Kettle:

1.Temperature display – display real time temp. when working.

2.Rotating speed display – display real time rotating speed during working.

3.Indicator lamp display – function indicator when working.

4.Temp & time set key [T-Set] – used to set temperature, timing, and parameters which is related with temperature & time.

5.UpKey – add key.

6.Down key and self set key – reduce key and self set key.

7.Lift key and check key – shift key and check working time & timing.

8.Speed set key – used to set speed and related parameters.

9.Working and stop key – start or stop working.

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