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Molecular Distillation CBD

Short path molecular distillation CBD THC distiller, essential oil distillation, waste oil, thermal separation of heat sensitive chemical compounds. CE certification, welcome factory visit.

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A complete molecular distillation plant should include:

Short path evaporator Heating system
Material charging system Cooling system
Material collection unit Vacuum system

Stainless steel short path evaporator ‘s heat transfer is 1.4 times quicker than glass material, the sample is heated quickly and the distillation separation time is shortened.

Material feeding tank and all tube parts are designed stainless steel double layer insulation type, ensure there will be no solidification which will affect material’s separation.

Material charging system is controlled by high precision gear pump, ensure material feeding is continuously and stably.
Digital feed pump controller and scraper motor controller, easy and convenient operation.
High & low temperature thermal circulators.
Heating and cooling system: heater temperature control range: RT- 300 ℃, chiller temperature can reach to -20℃, precision 0.1 ℃. Use high vacuum molecular pump unit, could make system vacuum degree reach under 0.01Pa.

  1. Full jacketed layer insulation for all pipelines which the materials flow through. Ensure there will be no solidification which will affect material’s separation.
  2. High precision gear pump feeding material (optional): Material feeding & discharging both are continuously and stably.
  3. Dual external cold trap design (optional): make this equipment has the function of molecular distillation & thin film evaporation at the same time.
  4. Reliable quality vacuum pump: air inlet with check valve, vacuum pump oil does not suck back. Vacuum degree could reach under 0.01Pa, long service life.
  5. Professional heating & cooling system
  6. Automatic Control System, 24h Continuously Running: Automatic feeding and collecting, convenient operation and save labor cost