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Rotary Evaporator Series

Rotary evaporator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry and bio-pharmaceuticals industries, for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery.

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1.Ball-milling mouth / Standard grinding mouth condenser. 2.Valve type material charging device. 3.Ball-milling mouth / Standard grinding mouth collection bottle.
4.Evaporation bottle. 5.Glass guide tube and sealing parts. 6.Condenser tube sealing connect mouth.
7.Main engine head ( rotary body). 8.Rotating bottle sealing connect Mouth. 9.Locking hole ( load and unload rotary bottle).
10.Rotating bottle sealing part. 11.Close nipple. 12.Lock nut, spring lock, fixing ring.
13.Retaining water gasket. 14.PTFE material charging tube. 15.Ball-milling mouth clamp, plastic clamp.
16.Unload bottle device.

1. Three-channel Bottle 2. Three-channel Bottle Hold-down Nut 3. Three-channel Bottle Hold-down Nut Retaining Ring 4. Flange Sealing Retaining Ring
5. Glass Rotation Axis 6. O-ring 7. Coupler 8. Teflon Sealing Ring
9. Rotating Bottle Hold-down Nut Retaining Ring 10. Rotating Bottle Clamp Nut 11. Glass Rotating Bottle 12. Condenser Pipe Clamp
13. Cross Clamp 14. Top Upright Tube 15. Down Upright Tube 16. Pedestal
17. Vacuum Meter 18. Vacuum Meter Stand 19. Motor Box 20. Water Bath
21. Air Exhaust Bend 22. 60# Connecting Flange 23. 60# Flange Retaining Ring 24. 60# Flange Seal Washer
25. Main Glass Condenser Pipe 26. Assistant Glass Condenser Pipe 27. Assistant Glass Condenser Pipe Bracket 28. 50# Connecting Flange
29. 50# Flange Retaining Ring 30. 50# Flange Seal Washer 31. Automatic Switch Valve 32. Air Outlet Valve
33. Recovery Bottle 34. Recovery Bottle Tray 35. Discharging Valve 36. Charging Valve


  • Vertical & Diagonal Type Optional
Glassware Type Volume Cooling Surface
Evaporating flask (NS29/32)
Receiving flask (KS35/20)
1000ml 1500cm2
Evaporating flask (NS24/40)
Receiving flask (KS35/20)
1000ml 1500cm2
(COATED) Evaporating flask (NS29/32)
Receiving flask (KS35/20)
1000ml 1500cm2
(COATED) Evaporating flask (NS24/40)
Receiving flask (KS35/20)
1000ml 1500cm2

Evaporating Flask

Drawing Description Types Note
Taper Joint-Pear 100ml/29(24) For RE52A
250ml/29(24) For RE52AA
500ml/29(24) For RE2000A
1L/29(24) Optional
2L/29(24) Optional
Flange Joint-Round 3L/F50,3L/29 For RE5230A, RE5250A
5L/F50 For RE3000A, RE5203A
10L/F95 For RE5210A, RE5220A
20L/F125 Optional
30L/F125 Optional
50L/F125 Optional

Receiving Flask

Drawing Description Types Note
Taper Joint 250ML/24 For RE52A, RE52AA
500ml/24 Optional
Taper Joint, w/discharge
1L, V6/29, Ø9 Optional
3L/F40, S40
Spherical Joint 1L/S35 For RE-2000A, RE-3000A, RE-5000, RE-5205
Spherical joint,
w/discharge neck
3L/F40, S35 For RE5000, RE5205 optional
Flange Joint,
w/discharge neck
5L/F50, F40 For RE5210A
10L /F50, F40 For RE5220A
10L /F60, F40*3 For RE5230A
20L/F60, F40*3 For RE5250A

Joint Adaptor

Drawing Description Types Note
Taper to Taper 29 → 29 For RE52A
29 → 24 For RE52AA
29 → 19 For RE2000A
Flange to Taper F50 → 29 For RE5203A
F50 → 24 For RE5205
For RE5000

Heating Bath

Description Volume
Rotary Evaporator, 220V 5L
Rotary Evaporator, 110V 5L


Drawing Description Types Note
Distilling spider with 5 flasks (without flask) NS29/32, NS24/29 \
NS29/32, NS19/26
Foam brake 250ml NS 29/32
250ml NS 24/40
Connector NS 29/32, NS24/29 \
NS 29/32, NS19/26
NS 29/32, NS14/23
NS 24/40, NS19/22
NS 24/40, NS14/20
NS 24/40, NS29/42
Vapor Shaft Ø25/29, Ø25/24 For 52A, 52AA, 2000A
25 For 5203A, 5205, 5000
Ø50/F60 For 10L and above model use
Charging Valves Order according to model
Discharge Valve V10/F40 For 5-50L model use
Shaft Seal 25*35*7 For 5L and below model use
/ 50x70x10 For 10L and above model use
O-rings Order according to model
Vacuum Pipe Ø8 / Ø15 For vacuum connection use
Flask Unload Handler Optional