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Ultrasonic Processors

Ultrasonic homogenizer use high strength ultrasonic to cause cavitation effect in liquid, for material ultrasonic processing.Used to crush animal & plant cells, viruses cells, emulsification, separate, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, etc.

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Model Chinese standard English system Frequency (KHz) Suggest power range reference value Crush capacity  reference value
Φ2  1/12″ 20-25KHz min-150W 0.2-5ml
Φ3 1/8″ 20-25KHz min-250W 3-10ml
Φ6 1/4″ 20-25KHz 20-400W 10-100ml
Φ10 5/12″ 20-25KHz 100-600W 30-300ml
Φ12 1/2″ 20-25KHz 200-900W 50-500ml
Φ15 5/8″ 20-25KHz 19.5-20.5KHz 300-1000W 100-600ml
Φ20 4/5″ 19.5-20.5KHz 400-1100W 100-1000ml
Φ22 5/6″ 19.5-20.5KHz 400-1100W 200-1000ml
Φ25 1″ 19.5-20.5KHz 800-1500W 500-1200ml

Reaction kettle (Single layer & Double Layer Glass Flask, Ox-horn Cup)

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