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How does a thin film evaporator work?

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How does a thin film evaporator work?

How does a thin film evaporator work?

Thin film evaporator is also popular named as wiped film evaporator, which is mainly consist of a cylindrical heated body, a rotor, condenser and two collection tank / flask.

Firstly, heating and cooling circulators bath to provide heating & cooling source for wiped film evaporator is needed, suitable heater and chiller will be effect the efficient of thin film evaporator directly. Of course, high vacuum pump is necessary, in order to decrease the boiling point of materials, to protect the heat sensitive material.

Thin film evaporator working process as below

1.Feeding the crude product automatic & continuously by vacuum pump.

2.The built in rotating wiper distribute the materials above the heated wall of the cylindrical evaporator. As the material spirals down the evaporator’s inner wall, so the rotating wiper system need to speed up during the evaporation process, in order to keep the material film turbulent and heating & evaporation uniform.

3. The volatile components are rapidly evaporated through conductive heat transfer,the vapors are condensing through the left external condenser. And the concentrate is continuously collected in the tank which is at the bottom of evaporator.

Wiped film evaporator is widely used in

1. Distillation, Separation, Concentration, Stripping, Deodorization, Degassing, Reaction.
2. Heat sensitive, viscous, fouling and foaming products.
3. Continuous cbd oil processing, high efficient solvent removing, etc.

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