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From customers’ actual requirements research, design, manufacturing, to installation and service. Our expertise and experience in the products & solutions will ensure your success.

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Integrated Solutions Satisfied Diversified Needs

One requirement with multiple solutions available from powerful technical team, to meet any of your research and budget, we believe the most suitable is the best.

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Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Environmental Analysis, Academia

Be the world most competitive lab solution provider in different industries, use us to your advantage.

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Believe technology is making the future happen, we strive to the innovation of laboratory instrument, make your experiment more easier. We have never stopped exploring advanced technology and new lab equipment, make your research more accurate & efficient, support you concentrate in your experiment, to create the world differently, to do the things we have never done before.

  • Lab instruments design keep pace with the times
  • Professional consultation on system configuration
  • Exclusive customization
  • Excelsior production & on-time delivery
  • Aftersale guidance on product application
  • Repair & maintenance support
  • Rich parts supply always
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806, 2021

How does a glass reactor work?

How does a glass reactor work? TOPTION brand glass reactors are commonly used in chemistry, modern fine chemicals, bio pharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments, food, environmental [...]

406, 2021

glass chemical reactor customer feedback

Thank you very much to our Ukrainian customers for their feedback on the installation and use of  TOPTION glass reactor. Under the guidance of the [...]

1905, 2021

50l glass reactor test before delivery

TOPTION glass reactor is a very common and practical reaction equipment in the chemical industry, biological pharmacy, scientific research experiment, etc.  Chemical glass reactor can [...]

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Biomass Extraction
15lbs~220lbs of biomass/batch, 98% extraction rate from biomass, 97% ethanol removal
Molecular Distillation
Designed for clean & clear cbd oil production, customizable configurations with greatest flexibility.
Evaporation Ethanol Recovery
200L/hr~1000L/hr evaporation capacity flexible design, ethanol recovery rate can be as high as 95%
Decarboxylation & Crystallization
Decarboxylation reactor is to convert CBD-A into CBD. Crystallization reactor to achieve over 99% pure CBD crystals.
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